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2023/24 Annual WMES Annual Growth Plan and 2023 MRA Summary

Our annual Measurable Results Survey (MRA) was given in early May and was meant to
represent the WMES stakeholders and their reflections on the 2022/2023 school year. The
number of respondents is statistically significant for all areas and this would be considered a
valid survey. Actual amount of respondents:

● Staff: 27
● Students:120
● Families:54

A summary of our results are as follows

MRA Area 2022 Results 2023 Results Growth
Overall 75 79 +4%
Leadership 73 77 +4%
Culture 78 80 +2%
Academics 75 82 +7%

*Scoring Guide

0-69 Needs Improvement
70-79 Moderately Effective; Room to build this into a strength
80-89 Effective; Area of strength
90-100 Exemplary; Highly effective strength that can be celebrated

Our results are indicative of the hard work that all of our students and staff have put in this year to continue to grow WMES as an amazing school where we work to help all students learn and belong.

Our annual growth plan is now published on our website and is available here.

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