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At-Home Learning on January 4 - January 8

As you may or may not be aware, the Alberta Government has announced that all students in grades K-6 will be participating in at-home learning for the first week back after the Christmas holidays. This means that from January 4 to January 8th, our students will be participating in a different learning environment.

While we understand that there may have been challenges with the previous attempt for all students to learn at home, we are hoping that some changes that we have made will help in that temporary transition. 

  • Many students will be coming home with paper packages during the last week of school in December to supplement their at-home learning.
  • Each class has a 45 minute classroom meeting scheduled Monday-Thursday during the day. These meetings will be staggered so no grades meet at the same time. We anticipate that this reduces the load on technology and wifi use in your home.
  • Teachers have been working with our students to prepare them for the week at home; including training around the use of SeeSaw and Google Classroom.
  • Teachers and support staff will be available during the school hours for either phone calls or video conferencing to meet with any students/families  who may need extra support through the week. Please connect directly with them as needed.

While we can never predict what will happen in the future, we are fully anticipating our students to be back within our school on Monday January 11. If you have any questions about this, or any other information at our school, feel free to contact me at the school. As always, thank you for your continued support at making WMES a great place “Where Everyone Learns and Belongs”.

  • Scheduled Classroom Meeting Times (45 minutes tops)
    • 10:00 Grade 4
    • 10:45 Grade 5
    • 11:30 Grade 6
    • 12:15 Grade 3
    • 1:00 Grade 2
    • 1:45 Grade 1
    • 2:30 Kindergarten
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