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WMES 2023/2024 Classrooms & Teachers

2023/2024 WMES Classroom Teaching 

As we begin to make and finalize plans for the upcoming school year, we would like to share our expected classroom configurations and teachers. We have quite a few changes this year, and look forward to working with all of our new staff and amazing students.

First of all, for outbound teachers, we would like to thank Miss Kasprick and Miss Holm as they will be moving on from WMES. We appreciate all their dedication and effort during their time with us and wish them the best in their futures. Ms. Dovell and Miss McDowell will be taking time off next year, and we hope they enjoy the adventures that they have set out for themselves. Mrs. Wickenheiser will be taking time for off next year for the birth of her first child as well. She will begin the year with us and help out as a reading intervention teacher and will start her maternity leave early in the school year.

We would like to welcome some new teaching staff to our building. In grade 4, we would like to welcome Mrs. Lori Austin, who will be transferring to our building after a number of years teaching in Granum school. We would also like to welcome Ms. Billie Hogan, who will be joining us from CBE after teaching there for over 20 years. Rounding out our newest members we will be welcoming both Mrs. Sam Cross and Ms. Jolene Jodoin, who will be taking on full time roles with grades 2 and 6 respectively. We will also be welcoming back Mrs. Jackson, who was on leave this year after the birth of her first child. And finally, in Kindergarten, Mrs. Ball will be returning from her maternity leave in December. Until then, Mrs. Jenny Mckee will teach Mon/Wed and Mrs. Lynda McGrattan will teach Tues/Thurs. We have also finalized that Mrs. MacDonald will teach a 2nd Tues/Thurs Kindergarten classroom.

With all that, and a few other teaching shifts, here is our teaching team for the beginning of next year:

Kindergarten: M/W Mrs. McKee; T/Th Mrs. Lynda McGrattan; Mrs. Heather MacDonald T/Th 

Grade 1: Mrs. Pawlick; Mrs. Orsten

Grade 2: Mrs. Fleet; Mrs. Cross; Ms. Hogan

Grade 3: Miss Wild; Mrs. Fairs; Mrs. Jackson

Grade 4: Mrs. Austin, Mr. Mackin

Grade 5: Mrs. Weinrauch; Mrs. Lissel

Grade 6: Miss. Hoar; Ms. Jodoin

Phys Ed: Mr. Sharma


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