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WMES 2024/25 Classroom and Teaching Team Announcements

With every new school year comes changes in life, circumstances and for us, our teaching teams. First of all we would like to congratulate Mr. Sharma, who will be retiring at the end of this school year. He has been a fixture in Claresholm schools for many years and we wish him the best in the next chapters of his life.  We will also be saying our goodbyes to Mrs. Weinrauch, Mrs. Jackson and Miss Wild who are all moving to schools closer to their home bases. We also know that Mrs. Fleet will be taking the school year off for a maternity leave as she is excited to welcome her first child into this world. And finally we are grateful for Miss Mclaren who has stepped in to fill  in for Mrs. Glaicar as she celebrated the birth of her twins.

With changes and staff leaving, it also means we have new staff joining our team. We would like to welcome Terry Turcotte Smith, Desiree Zoeteman, Kendra Blumhagen and Megan Davis to the West Meadow family. We are excited to have you on board.

The 2024/25 Classrooms will be as follows

Kindergarten: Mrs. Ball

Grade 1: Mrs. Orsten; Mrs. Pawlick, Mrs. Fairs

Grade 2/3: Mr. Turcotte Smith, Mrs. Cross, Ms. Davis, Mrs. Austin

Grade 4/5: Ms. Hogan, Mr. Mackin, Mrs. Zoeteman, Ms. Blumhagen

Grade 6: Mrs. Lissel, Ms. Jodoin

We will also be welcoming back all of our current support staff members, however we wont know where they will be working specifically until the start of the new year!

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