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WMES Cold Weather / Polar Club

We live in an amazing province, but sometimes the weather can be unpredictable. It is important to remind all our caregivers to help ensure our students are dressed for whatever weather we may come across. Students generally spend 3 different times outside during the day, taking in valuable fresh air, and burning off the pent up energy that may build up through the day.

When the temperatures reach below -20 degrees (with the wind chill), WMES will declare an “inside recess”. Students stay in their room but get a break from instructional time. Each teacher has different activities in their classroom, but generally the time is organized to provide a break for everyone. If “inside recess” happens at lunch, all students take part in walking club, giving students an opportunity to move around the school on a supervised walking and running circuit. This also gives valuable downtime for our fantastic staff that work with our students throughout the day.

WMES Polar Club

At West Meadow, we understand that many students would like to go outside, when dressed appropriately, to get fresh air during their regular recess time, even though it is designated an inside recess. For those students, we will now be offering WMES Polar Club. This will be offered when the temperature is between -21 and -30 degrees Celsius. (wind chill included). It will still be supervised by brave WMES Staff who also dress for the cold prairie weather. Polar club will not be offered when the temperature dips below -30 degrees Celsius.

Students who are dressed appropriately for cold weather (Toque, Mitts, Winter Jacket, Snow pants, and boots), and who have caregiver permission, will be allowed to choose to head outside for a supervised recess when Polar Club is offered. Forms will go home with the students, or you can contact your teachers directly.

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