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WMES School Entry Resource Page

On this page you will find links to the many pages and documents that will pertain to WMES school re-entry guidelines, planning and information. As always, we encourage you to contact our school administration if you have questions or concerns.

School Resources

School Re-Entry Plan - Full Version

School Re-Entry Plan - Quick Cheat Sheet

Daily Screening Checklist for Parents

Staggered Start Information

Locked Doors at WMES

WMES Student Illness Simplified Flowchart and FAQ

At-Home Informational Letters    Kindergarten      Grades 1/2      Grades 3/4       Grades 5/6

Division Resources

Symptoms and Illness: What to do FLOWCHART

AHS - If student has sickness

LRSD Re-Entry Plans

LRSD At-Home Learning Plans

LRSD Bussing Update

Home Education vs At-Home Learning

What to do when your child is sick

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