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WMES Sharpen the Saw Family Day - Monday June 27

Come join us on Monday June 27 for our Family Sharpen the Saw Day.

With the "final" day of school being on a Monday, we wanted to make it a fun day for any students who want to come celebrate with us and sharpen the saw. (That means relax and focus on having fun and rebuilding our body, mind, soul and spirit). We are inviting any family members that want to join us to come along and be part of the fun!

What does the morning look like?

The morning will consist of rotating through about nine different stations. We are working on pulling together some neat things. And although the details have yet to be finalized, we are having open track time (time to take your wheeled device on the track), guided drawings, a petting zoo, yoga, celebrity reading, sponge tag, Tug of war, "Fruit Salad Conversations" and more

What about lunch?

Our council will be sponsoring a Hot Dog Lunch! Everyone will get a hot dog, bag of chips and a juice box! Yes...even parents!

What is planned for the afternoon?

We will be watching a movie in the gym on the big screen. The movie hasn't been decided yet, but we will post it here as soon as we do!

Does family have to come for my student to come?

Absolutely not. This will be treated like a school day and we will have staff here. Buses will run as normal. It is simply a celebration day that we want to open up to everyone!

Does my child have to attend?

No. Report cards and all student supplies will come home on Friday. We won't be taking official attendance but hope anyone that wants to celebrate the end of the year will join us for that day!

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